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Naomi Nakamura

Pets’ Photographer



Who I am

【Why I became the Photographer specialized for Pets 】

Inspired by my beloved cats, May and Sora, I started taking pictures using a single-lens reflex camera. Then, I fell in love with photography of pets. It was amazing to know that I could see lively and vivid charms of my cats through the single-lends. I, so, noticed that I had not understood real charms of my cats’ emotions and lovely expressions until then.


Eight years later, some event made me think about facts that I didn’t have good pictures with my beloved cats, and they would be leaving me behind and departing to another world…..someday…I realized.


Someday……we cannot avoid seeing our beloved dogs and cats will be leaving us and we have to tell them Good-Bye. What we remember are memories of just ordinary days with them. That’s why, precisely, a shot with our beloved ones on some ordinary day will become a treasure for us. That picture should be a portrait of our life, not just a commemorative picture.


That was the reason why I started my job as the Dogs and Cats photographer and offering my services to owners who enjoy living with their pets as their family members.


A message to Pets' Owners


I proudly offer you and take pictures of your pets with you which portray lovely characters of your pets with warm touches. Beautiful memories of your pets on pictures will never fade away.


I am often told by my clients – pets’ owners- that “I feel I have known you from a long time ago”. If I give them such feelings, I think that I must be able to make my clients and their pets relaxed. Yes, I can! I am good at taking good pictures of a pet and its owner with natural expression in a relaxed mood.I am so happy to see they are happy!


I am also always told that “You don’t make my pet beware, which is amazing!” That’s true! I can get friendly with any dogs and cats. Even with shy ones, they become open to me during my sessions.


 I am always curious and thrilled about new experiences and opportunities.

 I love playing Sanshin-Okinawan guitar, and Golf. Plus, I am a great fan of Lions Baseball team and Amazon Prime videos!

 Photo shoots with animals make me so excited and more than thrilled!

 I feel so happy about my life with my beloved cats which give me their love and comfort, and my husband, of course!



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